On Friday 1st July 2016 Virtual College’s Safeguarding Division hosted the Advisory Panel Meeting (APM) at the Craiglands Hotel in Ilkley.

The Advisory Panel is a quarterly coming together of skilled professionals who specialise in safeguarding to discuss the current issues and hot topics that are relevant in child protection today.

The meeting featured a presentation from Paul Miller of VEO who demonstrated an application which allows video and data to be used in an innovative way to enhance training. VEO is the brainchild of Jon Haines, a lecturer and teacher trainer at Newcastle University, and Paul Miller who combined to create this new concept.

The day also included presentations from Kevin Garlick, Virtual College’s Safeguarding Division Customer Account Manager, and Rob Place, who works in Virtual College’s service delivery team. Both discussed the Enable Audit tool with valuable contributions from members who are already using this tool.

The meeting discussed the practical ramifications of the recently released Allan Wood Report. The meeting had found Virtual College’s summary of the report very useful and this had been forwarded widely to colleagues.

Rob Place demonstrated some recently released course from Virtual College:

  • Child Poverty
  • Safer Recruitment
  • Connected Baby Series

Dates were set for the next advisory panel meetings:

  • Friday 30th September, 2016
  • Friday 16th December, 2016


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