A new website for young parents whose family members are involved with children’s services has been launched by the Family Rights Group.

The website is available for those who need advice regarding children, whether they are children in need, deemed at risk, in care or adopted.

It will offer information and tips to help young parents understand their rights and options, seek the support they need for their children, get ready for meetings with their child’s social worker, and know what to expect if care proceedings begin.

Offering them advice tailored to their needs, the website also targets young fathers, young parents who are also care leavers themselves, and young parents experiencing domestic violence.

Advice pages allow users to access information about the laws and procedures that young parents may need to know if a social worker has become involved with their child, answering any questions they may have.

Pages also provide tips on how best to work with social workers, how families should be involved in making plans for their child, and how an advocate or a legal representative may help and support parents.

There are many reasons why a parent’s relationship with their child’s social worker is important. For many parents, the presence of a social worker can be daunting, especially if they have been in care themselves, had a child removed in the past, or had a number of social workers work with their child in the past.

To make sure this relationship works, the website encourages parents to be organised, keep up to date on proceedings and build their confidence. The young parents advice website also encourages parents to pick up the phone and speak to a member of the Family Rights Group on their free advice line.

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