Audits are a notoriously difficult, time intensive, logistical struggle.

Over the past two years the online Section 11 audit toolkit has been helping safeguarding children boards and local authorities revolutionise the collection and analysis of data for their Section 11 Section 175/157 and CCG audits.

During that time many Section 11 customers have asked us if they could expand the tool to include some of the other important audits they needed to complete.

This has led to us developing Enable Audit, designed to offer organisations a one-stop place for any audit required.

Audit delivers a structured approach to designing, creating and completing audits. Everything is undertaken in a step by step approach; offering peace of mind and a genuinely easy approach to successfully completing what can often be a complicated and time intensive process. Enable Audit’s extensive reporting facilities allow you to understand trends and insights from the data you have collected.  

Feedback from early adopters has been fantastic with new users particularly impressed with both how easy the system is to use and the simplicity and power of the reporting facilities.

Find out more about Enable Audit can help your organisation streamline and automate the complexity of your audit process.

Key Benefits:

  • Designed for the everyday user
  • Setup and complete any audits with just a few clicks
  • Update audits throughout the year, no more annual rush to get all the data in
  • Access anywhere, perfect for multi-agency settings
  • Unlimited number of users and audits
  • Paperless audit trail, simply upload supporting documents
  • Quickly analyse and compare multiple audits at any one time
  • See distanced travelled in a single glance using the visual display
  • Easily create action plans so everyone can see what needs improving and how to get there
  • Create alerts for individual users – keep people informed of milestones
  • Export audits and action plans into clear Word or PDF Document

 The Key Features of the Tool:

  • Project Information – Store details, responsibilities, and data relating to audits.
  • Grading – Evaluate your organisation’s current progress by selecting the relevant grading. Indicate why you have selected it; the system will then store an audit trail.
  • Notes – Every action is recorded as a note. These can also be added at any time.
  • Uploads – Documents, photos and reports can be uploaded to provide supporting evidence.
  • Action Plans – Create, action plans and assign tasks to individuals to work towards compliance.
  • Alerts – Set deadlines and milestones for improvements.

Find out more about Enable Audit can help your organisation streamline and automate the complexity of your audit process.