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The free app Reduce the Risk shows how to recognise the signs of abuse either in your own relationship or in that of someone close to you, how to keep safe while living with an abuser and what to do once you’ve left. It also provides contact details for local and national support agencies.

Watch the video to find out more:

To download visit the app store on your iPhone and search for Reduce the Risk, or Download to your Apple device

Reduce the Risk contains:

  • Definitions of domestic abuse
  • Key statistics
  • How to recognise abuse
  • An unhealthy relationship check list
  • How you can try to keep safe whilst living with an abuser
  • How to leave abusive relationships
  • It also contains information on how friends and family can support people living in an unsafe relationship
  • Reduce the Risk was developed in assoc. with Lincolnshire Integrated Domestic Abuse Services (LIDAS).

If you are interested in developing an app please give us a call or drop us a line at or 01943 885083